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GrenaDINE Brownie! GrenaDINE!
safe (1447397)artist:tjpones (2684)oc (533986)oc:brownie bun (877)oc only (368175)horse wife (675)black and white (9778)blender (object) (71)coconut (197)cooking (904)food (52400)grayscale (31526)grenade (344)hoof hold (6099)knife (4234)lineart (15989)monochrome (135962)piña colada (drink) (7)question mark (3615)rum (54)simple background (295905)this will end in death (1750)this will end in explosions (299)this will end in tears (2704)this will end in tears and/or death (1938)traditional art (99178)white background (73700)


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Mustard Seed Faith
Does Brownie happen to have her own shooting range? I can imagine living next to the Richard and Bun household is going to be like whoever lives next to the Addams’ Family.
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Go fsck yourself
@Dirty Bit
It is, but let’s think of the clientele. Makes perfect sense then, doesn’t it? ;)

You used to be able to buy shotguns at Kmart, Sears, and Montgomery Ward, when I was a kid. You can still buy rifles & shotguns at a few ACE hardware stores in West Michigan — the whole area is stuck in 1956, in many ways, for better and worse.
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