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safe (1357361)artist:racoonsan (328)silverstream (3578)season 8 (758)spoiler:s08 (711)bandaid (1269)belly button (56909)belt (3256)big breasts (52194)blurred background (333)blushing (144782)breasts (186791)busty silverstream (70)clothes (332548)converse (4093)cute (135576)denim (244)denim shorts (103)diastreamies (318)eared humanization (2402)eyelashes (2891)female (694662)hoodie (9530)human (123639)humanized (86128)jewelry (34267)legs (4404)long nails (298)looking at you (111601)midriff (15519)nail polish (5503)necklace (11121)outdoors (4940)seashell (327)shadow (2855)shoes (21427)shorts (9493)sitting (42966)smiling (170111)sneakers (3716)solo (835688)tying shoes (4)wing ears (205)winged humanization (7420)wings (45345)


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Background Pony #37D0
I think racoon really captured the whole humanizing beak theme well by giving her a petite nose. If that was intentional or not, I see wut u did thar.

Though now flipping through past works they all have rather narrow tiny noses. But something about this one captures Streamies face well.
Comments21 comments posted