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safe (1483688) artist:croakgua (6) aria blaze (8782) sonata dusk (12121) equestria girls (167200) arisona (420) bracelet (7025) clothes (375139) cute (159494) female (808470) heart (39560) hug (23582) jewelry (42761) lesbian (85994) one eye closed (22083) pigtails (3404) ponytail (13983) shipping (171593) simple background (309131) sisters (6362) skirt (33038) smiling (193398) spiked wristband (906) tsundaria (190) tsundere (2486) twintails (1208) white background (77216) wristband (2608)


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Background Pony #14C3
That one comic said in one screen that they might be sisters, without specifically naming them (though who else those sirens would have been).
Before that we had many years without any information, and not all people have read comics or care about what they say.
So while it's probably canon that they are, in my personal opinion, it's also a worse story if they are sisters instead of just three non-related people who got working together to do the stuff they did. Everyone's always related in children's shows.