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Background Pony #9147

Can dance
Can sing
She’s shy
She’s sexy
Love animal
Cute and adorable

Yup she’s my kind of girl.
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Wallet After Summer Sale

I love Fluttershy 💖 💘
I DON’T CARE! AND PLUS, I’M NOT STUPID! I KNOW SHE’S A FICTIONAL CHARACTER! But that doesn’t mean that I want that stupid hippie background character near her! Oh my god, one of you people are impossible to talk to anymore! I’m done arguing about this crap! I’m so done! No wonder I am so alone in this world and in this fandom! I’m done!

Um, people? She’s a fictional character. I adore her, but I’m not going to flip over her getting a canon boyfriend. And hey, if Sandalwood’s a nice guy who loves animals like she does, then maybe he’s a good fit for her.
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Comments31 comments posted