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Background Pony #C7B1
this is very out her personality …
this is very far out their personality …
Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
@Background Pony #9A98
We always see Rarity and Sunset being the sexy or hot stuff.
Now it's time for the shy and the nerd to show theirs sexiness.
( Go Fluttershy and Twilight!!!)

Excuse you, Twiley's always hot.

All nerdy girls are by default.

And I'm sure the Shyshy fans would say the same about shy girls. :)
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Ponies are hot
@Background Pony #C60C
Shy isn't posing — she is advertising herself. I think I will take her…

@Background Pony #0F5E
I think most of us knew that her shyness is just a decoy for her true nature.

@Background Pony #15DA
@Background Pony #C60C
She's probably a sexual deviant under the shy decoy

Well, a lot of people make Fluttershy secretly the most aggressive and animalistic in bed in the mature fanfics which makes her extremely hot! That's one of the reasons why Fluttershy is my favorite of the mane 6 for mature fanfics.
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By the way, I just now thought that Twilight's shoes are perfect for driving. Are Fluttershy shoes suitable for driving? (I just now reminded the topic of girls driving, don't be surprised)
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