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Name — Comet
Gender — Female
Species — half pony, half griffin
Sexuality — n/a
Cutie-mark — Kicking rocks really hard, hard enough to make them heat up at least

Parents — Limestone Pie and Gilda

Comet grew up constantly going between the Pie Family Rock Farm to Griffin Kingdom, becoming a less than helpful know-it-all teenager who has difficulties making friends. Her parent's relationship doesn't help too much. It's not that she doesn't love her moms, it's that they need to learn how to love each other properly. The whole back and forth was mostly due to her parents getting into a huge blow-out where they separate for maybe a month and then get back together again. This wasn't exactly a good influence for Comet either, never quite getting into a relationship romantic or otherwise. Comet likes to take her frustration out on rocks, since it's productive and physical exercise. Comet also hates that she wasn't born with wings, so she can't actually soar in the sky. Her momma Gilda doesn't care though, since she's her lil chick. <3


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