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April... fools? Well not fools. Just a game. Have fun! (Original post updated, please re-read it) Info here.
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Hey folks, this is where my horse art is going to be posted from now on. Cool beans.
safe1999759 artist:greyscaleart888 derpibooru exclusive35437 princess celestia106089 princess luna110204 twilight sparkle336242 alicorn279607 pony1351823 unicorn458828 canterlot castle2693 carpet1300 constellation998 descriptive noise1550 epic fail331 ethereal mane11117 face down ass up10451 faceplant761 fail1533 female1628306 floppy ears65488 frown29692 galaxy mane1366 hoof shoes7766 jewelry93818 lidded eyes40214 luna is not amused619 majestic as fuck1463 mare631971 messy mane9311 missing accessory9355 oof140 pillar438 raised leg10210 red carpet151 regalia30669 size difference18582 sparkles6810 spread wings77634 starry mane6070 this will end in pain2395 tripping406 unamused21129 unicorn twilight27202 wide eyes18976 window11576 wings180989


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With the few wonder as princess Luna with twilight at her side unaware princess celesta had tripped on the edge of the red carpet whileshowing her lady bits as Luna wonders of trying to keep a straight face while staring at celesta’s lady parts.
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Luna pushed celestia luna is so rude and look at twi she is like ‘help!!!’