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Hey folks, this is where my horse art is going to be posted from now on. Cool beans.
safe1785503 artist:greyscaleart885 derpibooru exclusive30062 princess celestia97850 princess luna102014 twilight sparkle310318 alicorn239057 pony1087055 unicorn357115 canterlot castle2317 carpet1046 constellation830 descriptive noise1473 epic fail299 ethereal mane8852 face down ass up9160 faceplant692 fail1441 female1434057 floppy ears56476 frown24353 galaxy mane1203 hoof shoes6079 jewelry71983 lidded eyes32810 luna is not amused494 majestic as fuck1326 mare518937 messy mane8095 missing accessory8474 oof107 pillar371 raised leg8329 red carpet125 regalia22025 size difference15460 sparkles5020 spread wings59331 starry mane4790 this will end in pain2100 tripping353 unamused17202 unicorn twilight19649 wide eyes17663 window9249 wings130957


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With the few wonder as princess Luna with twilight at her side unaware princess celesta had tripped on the edge of the red carpet whileshowing her lady bits as Luna wonders of trying to keep a straight face while staring at celesta’s lady parts.
Background Pony #22AC
Luna pushed celestia luna is so rude and look at twi she is like ‘help!!!’