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…: Fantastic Storm — Reference Art :…

The story is here if you are interested

"I might be weak, I might be dumb and you might hate me but I'm still going to everything I can to protect you"

Fantastic Storm was born as the fourth foal of seven to the overseers of Rocket and Action Storm. While both his parents had the status of overseers (internal stability and security) it was the law only the first and second borns can become overseers. This left Fantastic with his brothers and sister in the department of security. They worked hard with keeping the peace inside the gigantic stable 137 with its 8000 denizens.

Fantastic had a hard time fitting in with the security lifestyle with him being more of a tinker and inventor than a guard. Yet his family was supportive of his position and tried to get him a position in the prestigious research & soldier development department. This was a lot harder than it looked, the department was almost completely full of unicorns.

Yet before he could be moved the current overseer of military attempted to revolt and assassinate the overseer of RSD. Fantastic and his family was one of the groups sent to stop the attempt, with few casualties the revolt was put down and Storm personally ended the overseer.

After the incident however, the overseer of RSD, Siren, withdrew her support for Fantastics transfer. It was only after a few years and constant pressure from his parents that Siren finally caved in and signed for the transfer. Unbeknownst to them, Siren had actually changed her mind due to other events.

It hadn't even been a month before Fantastic had been placed on the receiving end of an execution.

What would happen if something went wrong? What if somepony else had other ideas? What if Fantastic could take revenge on the overseer that tried to have him killed?

who knows
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