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…: Siren — Reference Art :…

The story is here if you are interested

"trust me, you're not in control"

Siren is one of the two daughters of the high overseer, Wail Stone, this practically guaranteed the position of an overseer. Siren managed to gain overseer status of the research & soldier development department when the previous overseer met with an unfortunate accident that was surprisingly not caused by Siren.

If you asked those that have managed to avoid her ire they would all describe her differently. Some say cold and calculating. Others say angry and vocal. Yet more speak of her seductive and quiet nature. No matter what they say none have realized her tools are deception and bent truths.

Yet, this overseers life may have been the most tragic of all. Indeed it has been noted Siren only adopted her deceptive nature after the doomed third manned expedition to the surface in which there was only one survivor, Siren.

With a past of tragedies and betrayal, Siren has learned to trust no one. With the gifts of charisma, intelligence and perception Siren has managed to create a web throughout the stable. Nothing happens without her knowing and more importantly, her approval.

What would happen if this would all be taken away from her? What if she tried to execute a stallion she despised? What if instead, a third party was to take advantage of the distraction and take her away to a new land? With no one to hide behind, no shadows to welcome her and for the opportunity for others to be rid of the web's owner?

Who knows


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