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…: Redwood — Reference Art :…

The story is here if you are interested

"Come on Siren just relax, have a drink… Storm could help with the relaxing part"

Redwood is one of the two daughters of the high overseer, Wail Stone, this practically guaranteed the position of an overseer. Not that she needed the guarantee. Redwood was given the role of military overseer after the previous overseer attempted to kill her sister, Siren.

Redwood has been noted as being very different from her older sister. For starters, Wail Stone has made it very obvious that Redwood was her favorite. This caused an early rift between the sisters, not that Redwood didn't try and mend the rift. No matter how many times Redwood has tried to be them close together something pushed the two apart again. The final straw was when Siren returned as the sole survivor of the doomed third manned expedition she came home to a heartbreaking betrayal. Siren's lover in the embrace of Redwood.

Ever since that day, Redwood felt guilty of Siren's almost isolationist lifestyle. Always she tried to find another for her, yet even trying to talk to her sister is a great challenge as Siren is always elsewhere.

This has led Redwood to have a very protective stance towards those close to her. Those who have spent time with her gladly talk about her happy attitude and exciting lifestyle, some have even noted her unusual constant desire for physical affection.

What would happen if things were to change? What if someone had taken her sister away? What if she could finally get Siren to forgive her?

Who knows


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