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I can see changelings become a nuisance in Ponyville.
Featuring my OC – Berzie, dSana OC – Stainless Key as well as MrPOSSLQ OC – Longhaul and Magello OC – Southern Comfort. This couple can be sometimes seen in backgrounds of my comics 

MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro, OC’s belong to their respective owners. If you translate or repost, please post it outside of DA, thank you.
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Question 1: Why can’t Stainless Key simply feed on Berzie’s hots?

Question 2: Why doesn’t Berzie simply fill Stainless Key up with booze so that she loves him back?

Okay, maybe they want some variation in their diet…
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Background Pony #600B
changeling dont feed only love! yes is one of thier main food but alter be reform is more easy for them to feed! the old changeling be all time starved! and is not a life style i wish to no one! be the reform changeling dont have this problem! the old changeling can eat normal food but only slow thier starving! but with love, be full but is for a limite of time! but the reform are all the time full of love and feed on normal food like everypony and other creature! changeling can eat most everything as food and as emotion but love is the emotion the most main food! but the main problem is were a changeling feed on love, he/she belive be full alter but is not! love full thier thier body on magic but not on food!and the problem the love them a eat give only power and feed them for a limite of time and were the love energy be run off, the changeling be starving again! this is the main reason why is attack other to feed thier self but be starved all the time and be starved all the time! is not a life! be a reform changeling is a better live style and never starving on love energy! cuz the reform changeling can feed on love energy who be on the air! thanks of the crystal empire and the rest of equestria! pony create more love energy so is the reason no changeling will starved again! the old one need to feed on the on the pony them self, so is mean steal love but the reform changeling a dont need to do this! what life style you prefer? be starved all time or be full?
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