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This is a prototype character sheet for The Dazzlings for my Equestria Girls fan-fiction which is currently unnamed and being fleshed out. As you can see, Sonata Dusk has re-acquired her shades, which were removed from her original design by Hasbro, but were still, if I remember correctly, still present on her doll.


The way I have it, is that without their red crystal pendants, the Sirens have reverted back to their true, Human-world Siren forms, having previously relied on the power of their red jewels to suppress their true nature.

In the absence of their pendants, the Dazzlings have acquired Illusionary Pendants as temporary replacements, from their long-time ally – Hydia the Witch, who was the villain of the original G1 My Little Pony Movie. These pendants, when powered, cause onlookers to see them as Human-beings, rather than the creatures they actually are, though magic-users can see through the illusion with Mage Sight or another spell, and some supernatural beings can see through the charade as well.

The Dazzlings are over 1000 years old, and were banished to the Human world by the Equestrian version of Starswirl the Bearded roughly that long ago. The three Sirens, under Adagio’s leadership, have survived since then, learning many skills and witnessing and sometimes taking part in many historical events throughout history. They have a secret lair in the wilderness near the town/city Canterlot High is in, which is filled with loot, resources and provisions the Dazzlings have gathered over the years. They have other lairs scattered around the world, but some have been lost or looted, and some have simply been abandoned, forgotten and sealed away by the Dazzlings themselves, remaining unused for years, sometimes centuries. Their lairs are protected by magical wards which prevent them from being detected, but this does not always work, and some lairs have been discovered one way or another.

Adagio has a throne, which she has had in her possession for centuries, which she typically sits upon when plotting and scheming in her lair, with the other two Sirens being forced to sit upon the bottom step of the short set of steps upon which the throne sits atop.

There is also this thing going on with Sonata where she, the cutest and most adorable Siren, has the most jagged teeth and most terrifying smile.


I tend to write my fan-fictions like a TV series, averaging at least 6 seasons, and in a synopsis style rather than an actual written story. I will reveal more of The Dazzlings story in the future, but here is a rough outline of seasons 1-4 for now. I will periodically edit this image description with more information as I refine my ideas.

Season 1
The Dazzlings are recurring antagonists, appearing one at a time at first in disguise(hidden under hoodies) as they sow discord and trouble amongst normal people, nudging them in a direction that will cause them to act negatively, arguing, fighting, and so forth, an invisible negative energy is produced from such acts which only supernatural beings can see, which the Sirens then feed on.

Without their pendants, they have to put in more work to feed. First Sonata would appear in an episode, then Aria in another, and then Adagio, and then the three of them are finally revealed officially together as we see their secret lair and how they live. The Sirens have to periodically replenish the power stores of their illusionary pendants to keep them working, and many of their schemes in this season will revolve around simply feeding and surviving or recharging their illusionary pendants or trying to find a more permanent solution to their predicament.

Season 2
The Sirens are close to replacing their red pendants and will be back to their old selves. Episodes with The Dazzlings in this season will mostly revolve around them following new leads on components for the creation of replacement pendants, often with the help of Hydia the Witch. The Sirens eventually forge new red crystal pendants are return to normal halfway through the season.

Season 3
The Dazzlings take a back-seat in this season as other more immediate threats emerge which overshadow them. They would still get episodes though, possibly as reluctant allies to the main characters in dealing with a major boss fight.

One important thing that happens in this season is that the Dazzlings lair is discovered by The Rainbooms, who then raid it, resulting in a chamber by chamber gauntlet run, as they resist and dispel illusions and enchantments, solve riddles and puzzzles to progress further, overcome magical defences and traps, defeat animate stone guardians, and so forth. Eventually the Rainbooms will get separated by an enchantment of displacement, and Adagio, Aria and Sonata defeat Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Sunset Shimmer in physical combat, where we learn the Dazzlings have learned numerous martial arts and fighting techniques over the centuries. Eventually the raid ends when Princess Twilight receives a disstress call from Fluttershy through Sunset’s magical journal and comes to the rescue, along with Starswirl the Bearded, who proceeds to obliterate the Dazzlings, putting them in full retreat and leaving their lair to the whims of the Rainbooms, particularly, Starswirl, Princess Twilight, Sunset Shimmer and Human Sparkle(Sci-Twi) who are all very interested in examining and studying all of the artefacts and history stored in the Dazzlings lair.

Season 4
Shortly into this season, Adagio betrays Aria and Sonata and takes their pendants, feeling they are now holding her back, as evidenced, in her mind, by their recent defeat. She merges the 3 pendants into one powerful artefact, which she will use to help her acquire more power to enact a big scheme to become all-powerful.

The main antagonists of the series – The Technological Consortium(see links below to previous pics about them) will declare the Rainbooms criminals and will try to capture them, resulting in the Rainbooms being on the run and starting a "world tour" arc where we see and experience more of the world and it’s lore. Aria and Sonata are likewise on the run and act as rivals to the Rainbooms, occasionally bumping into each other and clashing, but eventually they team up for mutual survival. By the end of the season, Aria and Sonata come to respect the Rainbooms and are redeemed, integrating into normal Human life with the help of the Rainbooms. Adagio remains at large.

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Drawn by Invisibleinkdoodles, commissioned by me.

Would appreciate comments and feedback.
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