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Duck - "someone befriended them, saved them, coaxed them out of their shell, and showed them that sex is nothing to be afraid of. I’m kind of envious of that rape victim"

to anyone asking "why don't you try being more social":

just as helpful to tell you to continue breathing. it's what to do while you're breathing that I wanna know about, and what to do when you're being social that doesn't just result in more loneliness.
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@r3troid Star
That, and she's certainly not lonely :D

@Background Pony #4414
Maybe, but Limey's the sourpuss XD

Yeah. In my experience too, a lot of times someone who comes off as rude will totally lighten up if you're just decent back to them. Even if not, at least then they didn't ruin your mood :D

I like this about them, whether it was intentional or not by the writers XD

Either her or Bon Bon XD

I'm buddies with a guy who is like the male human Limestone Pie, like he's one of those people who's just constantly rude and pissed off like all the time. Somehow we're friends, like we hang out often XD

@Dust Rock
Something a friend taught me when it comes to meeting new folks that totally works is to just pretend the people you're trying to socialize with are having even more trouble breaking the ice than you are and are looking for an opportunity to do so. Keep that in mind and take control of the conversation long enough for everyone else to open up then just relinquish control and let it flow wherever they take it :D

@Background Pony #6E67
Either that or he's stuck in a tree somewhere XD
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Background Pony #AF14
The stallion of her dreams is sure to break into her house and fall madly in love with her any time now :)
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Background Pony #2D03
I feel for Limey. She just wants some love, but she's a total jerk who hates everyone. This is relatable!
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I would, but my rampant cynicism expects the worst out of society, other people, and my low self-esteem helps to paralyze my capacity for any meaningful social interactions.
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Dust Rock
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Bounty Hunter Pony
To be honest I know it's hard to be social, but when you try it at like conventions, computer labs, or even events happening in town then it's actually easier than you think.

Know why? People are hyped and excited to be around one another (least at conventions and events), however if you're worried about computer labs/libraries then don't worry, you can like see someone read something you're interested in and be like "Oh cool you read so-and-so?"

Remember, most of us here are adults probably in the 20's-40's, so we remember a time before internet. Social norms still work :)
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