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suggestive162126 alternate version60881 artist:charliexe410 applejack182193 pinkie pie231234 equestria girls223924 equestria girls series37453 applejack's hat10678 blue underwear2532 breasts319124 cellphone4948 clothes525479 cowboy hat20118 cute222861 denim skirt1975 diapinkes11079 duo93312 female1517040 females only14347 freckles33640 geode of sugar bombs2442 geode of super strength2692 hat100817 jackabetes6793 leggings2464 legs9904 magical geodes10806 moe1334 open mouth179123 panties54941 panty shot858 pantyhose3720 phone8557 pillow20930 pleated skirt4221 putting on clothing17 putting on pantyhose1 schrödinger's pantsu457 shirt29700 skirt45289 skirt lift5004 smiling302588 stetson5276 strategically covered3178 thighs18923 underwear67254 undressing5647 upskirt6397 upskirt denied168 white underwear3649


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Background Pony #DD25
I think I would have laughed if she were still strategically covered behind the teddy bear, but instead it’s just kinda anticlimactic.