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safe (1430998)artist:jargon scott (1722)bon bon (14665)lyra heartstrings (26132)sweetie drops (14654)earth pony (148770)pony (699633)unicorn (204051)black and white (9678)clothes (356252)derp (5947)dollar (68)drool (20147)duo (39217)female (761599)frown (19627)grayscale (31281)kissy face (363)l.u.l.s. (62)mafia city (16)mare (336193)meme (73500)money (1071)monochrome (134584)o3o (43)ponified meme (336)shid (4)shirt (17227)simple background (291292)sitting (46199)sunglasses (11506)that's how mafia works (14)wat (17594)white background (72303)wide eyes (14329)


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Prometheus labs CEO
Wallet After Summer Sale

Is no one going to acknowledge the fact that it looks as if bon bon took a memory-wiping device from her job at SMILE, turned it up to its maximum setting, and flashed Lyra a couple times until there was nothing left, because that’s all I think of when I see this
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