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Quick note: Adriatic is now the second eldest, a year younger than Honey Blossom and a year older than Maverick.


After Big Mac and Cheerilee had a young, hungry and injured colt break into their house, they knew something had to be done. Cheerilee quickly took the poor boy to the nearest hospital where she later informed her husband his leg had to be amputated. She also told him that she grew attached to the little boy, and kinda…sorta…wanted to adopt him? Big Mac agreed almost instantly.

So, it was set. The little colt, Adriatic, was soon theirs and only really knew his new momma Cheerilee. He was scared of Big Mac, and most Stallions as she noticed, and was practically glued to Cheerilee. She told him that she had siblings; Honey Blossom, a year older than he was; a younger brother Maverick by a year; a little sister named Apple Archer, who was five, and newborn Pear Harvest.

When they were ready to bring him home, meeting the rest of the family was, well…he was obviously very nervous. Cheerilee and Big Mac avoided him meeting his aunts and cousins for the time being.

Apple Archer was the first to speak, going, “Wowee, Pops! He don’t look like no Apple!”

After a few months, Adriatic would settle in and quickly grow to love his family and his aunts Applejack and Coloratura and his other aunts Applebloom and Diamond Tiara.
safe1598833 artist:consistingg15 big macintosh26868 cheerilee9476 oc615783 oc:adriatic1 oc:apple archer2 oc:honey blossom58 oc:maverick20 oc:pear harvest2 pony868051 adopted offspring950 alternate hairstyle25204 amputee4297 apple15048 baby9787 baby carrier53 baby pony6136 blank flank7149 bucket2130 cheerimac787 colt13525 family4077 female1271716 fence2603 filly60632 food62979 hiding1325 male338025 missing limb415 offspring34618 parent:big macintosh2714 parent:cheerilee371 parents:cheerimac261 shipping186088 straight126122 stump261 sweet apple acres2660


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