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Just a drawing I did of Filly Starlight Glimmer. Nothing more, nothing less.
safe (1377152)artist:saburodaimando (171)starlight glimmer (35806)belly button (57579)bipedal (26228)cute (139408)female (710073)filly (45930)filly starlight (340)glimmerbetes (2761)head tilt (813)looking at you (113999)open mouth (98914)rainbow (3190)semi-anthro (9047)sky (8842)smiling (173362)solo (846951)speech bubble (15305)speech impediment (15)younger (13354)


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Background Pony #047B
Aaw so adorable… I have a hypnotic urge to tickle the evil out her… the belly rub revolution is at hand…
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