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From the original post: "All done! Thanks so much to all of the commissioners who pitched in to get this! I’ll name them below: Glaz – @ralek-artsThermite – AuronFuze – ZIOM5000Buck – @rassys-denThatcher – Golden Echo-Jager – Phoenix GenivieveBandit – AstranacusLord Chanka – ChesherMute – @cirrus-skySmoke – Me :>I’d be lying if I said this didn’t take the wind out of me, but I’d do it over again if it could!"

Higher res version of
safe (1457033)artist:bbsartboutique (853)oc (539001)oc:auron (34)oc:b.b. (148)oc:blueberry "jank" sprinkles (10)oc:cirrus sky (420)oc:electra sparks (38)oc:katya ironstead (127)oc only (370478)oc:phoenix genevieve (27)oc:rassy (14)oc:sapphire sights (401)oc:whispering wind (9)deer (3758)hippogriff (7003)acog (14)assault rifle (606)bandage (4508)clothes (365482)collage (1081)combat (84)gas mask (871)grenade (347)group (2502)gun (12718)helmet (8313)machine gun (415)mask (4543)operator (43)ponytail (13605)rainbow six (45)rainbow six siege (105)remote control (164)rifle (3021)shooting (425)sniper (1049)throwing (432)turret (182)weapon (23605)


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