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What the heck Fluttershy you’re NAKED!
safe (1378377)artist:tjpones (2575)fluttershy (177633)bath (2076)blushing (147444)bottle (2833)bubble (3545)bubble bath (248)cosmopolitan (4)cute (139615)d: (319)dialogue (46741)embarrassed (8321)female (711039)glass (3169)leaning (2633)lewd (693)looking at you (114112)magazine (778)mare (311476)open mouth (99021)pegasus (173066)pony (650465)shampoo (229)shyabetes (8754)solo (847625)spread wings (39137)we don't normally wear clothes (654)wide eyes (13772)wine glass (985)wings (47766)


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Background Pony #F11E
So, are those bottles written in actual Japanese? Or is it gibberish made to look like a symbol language?
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Mustard Seed Faith

They do? Ugh.

Furthermore (I haven’t seen this happen lately, but) I was browsing D.A. some years ago with a free account (2014, maybe) and I was (by no clicking of my own) automatically redirected to other sites at least 5 times including probable virus sites and also sites that were selling sex toys.
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Digital Seapony
Princess Book Horse fan.
"What’s the matter, dearie? Are you human?" asked Mrs Cake *.

* More usually a landlady would ask ’Are you decent?’, but Mrs Cake knew her lodgers.
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That’s a terrible idea. DA is awful, has bad user support, and sells artwork made by users to third parties because the ToS states that they own everything you post.
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