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safe (1426092)artist:lockheart (327)bon bon (14629)lyra heartstrings (26067)sweetie drops (14619)earth pony (147523)pony (694202)unicorn (202253)angry (19933)annoyed (4314)belly button (59600)bon bon is not amused (935)>:c (135):c (448)chest fluff (25650)colored pupils (7510)cute (147987)dirty (1395)dock (37862)female (757833)floppy ears (41212)frown (19552)glare (7558)grass (6859)horses doing horse things (1064)lyrabetes (719)mare (333979)mud (2015)mud pony (87)on back (19960)open mouth (103863):p (5804)pun (6687)racism (818)rain (5024)rolling (455)shoulder fluff (1156)silly (6430)silly pony (2647)smiling (182683)speech bubble (16595)spreading (13564)spread legs (14203)this will not end well (1077)tongue out (75590)umbrella (2082)unamused (11267)underhoof (41171)

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Background Pony #F751
"Fine then, stay out in the mud." Then Lyra continues playing in the mud, not believing Bon would really leave her outside, but when she gets home later, she finds herself locked out.
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