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suggestive (111366)artist:toohotforglam (24)spike (67209)trixie (55307)bed (30467)comic (88002)cunnilingus (7947)fangs (17246)female (744299)imminent cunnilingus (142)imminent oral (13)imminent sex (4058)implied cunnilingus (387)implied oral (192)impressed (17)lidded eyes (18044)long tongue (1476)lying down (7697)male (252238)on bed (1620)oral (38813)repost (16)sex (92327)shipping (161761)spixie (179)spreading (13313)spread legs (13979)straight (107839)tongue out (74440)


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Lol she better watch out, I can only assume Spike has a high tolerence for taste. He might decide to ’travel south’ and ’toss some salad’ lol.
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