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My most recent commission from Match. Wanted to get the three main Wonderbolts + Dash working out in the gym and then being goofy… with Spitfire being a party pooper.

>inb4: Why is Soarin so big.

In the stories i write about the Wonderbolts on Fimfiction i messed with their heights/sizes. So Soarin is a really big dude and Spitfire is one buff mare.Personalities are taken from my work as well, With Fleetfoot being shameless, Spitfire being overly serious, Dash being overly brash, and Soarin being a goofball that easily plays into the personalities of the other three.
safe (1502720) artist:matchstickman (181) fleetfoot (1817) rainbow dash (211739) soarin' (12928) spitfire (12388) anthro (214127) abs (8139) armpits (38727) biceps (547) big breasts (62060) breasts (220511) busty fleetfoot (119) busty rainbow dash (6419) busty spitfire (845) cleavage (28962) clothes (382260) deltoids (154) dumbbell (object) (72) fitfire (88) fleetflex (34) flexing (858) gym (575) midriff (17283) muscles (8832) partial nudity (14628) pecs (249) rainbuff dash (649) size difference (11625) soaripped (29) sports bra (2258) sports shorts (618) topless (10110) weight lifting (425) wonderbolts (3239)


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Sorry for the late reply. The current entry in the series is called Piercing the Heavens. (Also it's not anthro) the first thing you will notice is that it's enormous. This was an accident but I'm still going with it. There are two much shorter ones that come before it ajdnare required for context but I apologize ahead of time, they are both very old and neither of them were given a fraction of the effort of the third giant. The third was started because the first two were more popular than I expected.
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