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Here is a alternate version of droop snoot because it was made for What lies beneath it was the twlight sparkle made by the tree of harmony to fool the student six but I made a normal version for those who just what the classics.

Go watch both podcasts over here!

I used a stock image for the background so I do not claim ownership of that.
safe (1411651)artist:pegaplex (45)tree of harmony (590)twilight sparkle (257225)oc (517350)oc:nyx (1889)what lies beneath (1327):3 (3452)absurd res (61019)adopted daughter (8)adopted offspring (872)alicorn (159586)alicorn oc (17480)crystal caverns (80)cute (144902)duo (38289)duo female (5763)eyes closed (66724)female (745176)filly (49381)floppy ears (40695)glow (3286)good end (451)hug (22275)implied twilight sparkle (1266)mare (326649)missing cutie mark (3196)mother and daughter (4085)nyxabetes (69)pony (676626)raised hoof (31436)screencap background (9)smiling (179903)sparkles (3275)sparkling (133)treelight sparkle (182)twiabetes (7849)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (100120)winghug (2300)


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