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Here is a alternate version of droop snoot because it was made for What lies beneath it was the twlight sparkle made by the tree of harmony to fool the student six but I made a normal version for those who just what the classics.

Go watch both podcasts over here!

I used a stock image for the background so I do not claim ownership of that.
safe1587629 artist:pegaplex46 tree of harmony642 twilight sparkle283975 oc609920 oc:nyx2118 alicorn199817 pony857771 what lies beneath1484 :33939 absurd resolution63702 adopted daughter15 adopted offspring938 alicorn oc22745 crystal caverns112 cute181445 duo50703 duo female7982 eyes closed81520 female1228082 filly59953 floppy ears46615 glow3943 good end529 hug25520 implied twilight sparkle1651 mare427510 missing cutie mark4045 mother and daughter5159 nyxabetes104 raised hoof39484 screencap background19 smiling218470 sparkles3884 sparkling149 treelight sparkle198 twiabetes10482 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116293 winghug2598


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