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Another picture based on my Equestria Girls fan-fiction, showing Human Shimmer looking villainous
in her hidden underground outpost where she spies on the Rainbooms and Canterlot High, it’s sort of
like The Bat Cave. Her control station is quite big, when operating it, the control panel goes up to her
waist, and it is from here she controls the functions of her outpost and the spy network linked to it.

Original Design and Backstory Can Be Seen and Read Here
And here

Drawn by The-Butcher-X, commissioned by me.

If you like their work, consider supporting them on Patreon.
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Evil Emperor Proteus's avatar
Evil Emperor Proteus
No, it’s just a spysuit. It’s from a fan-fiction of mine. It’s the Human counterpart for the Equestrian Sunset Shimmer, who is spying on the Rainbooms and Canterlot High on behalf of her secret agency – The Technological Consortium, which hunts, monitors and polices Human world magic and the supernatural, and are the reason for it’s seeming absence. Though the organization itself is inspired by the Technocratic Union from Mage: The Ascension.
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