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Rainbow Dash uses her special somepony as toilet. And she likes dirty kisses with her living toilet.

Clean version: >>1928219
explicit (271284)grotesque (10437)artist:hexado (196)rainbow dash (197317)analingus (1845)anus (74544)comic (84870)dirty anus (195)fetish (27763)living toilet (202)nudity (282637)offscreen character (22376)oral (37803)piss drinking (332)pissing (2707)poop (4155)poop eating (333)pov (12568)pov facesit (52)scat (2891)scat kiss (6)sex (89495)sexy (17011)stupid sexy rainbow dash (874)tongue out (72062)urine (5048)watersports (2332)

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Burger King Leonidas
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General Gas Lover
@Ol' Dreaddy
Yeah I’m just as amazed that people these days are taking a liking to the same sort of fetishes as me but that’s what happens when you finally get a society that gets that people are going to be into all sorts of stuff but so long as they don’t go shoving it in other people’s faces it’s fine. And if it’s performed in real life by consenting adults, then who are we to judge?
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Last clopper on Earth
Aww, why do you have to be so impatient, Dash? Wait until after you’re done pissing to start taking a dump, so I can get a good mouthful of both!
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