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Update to include one from "All Bottled Up".

Season 1: >>1654878
Season 2: >>1644602
Season 3: >>1640702
Season 4: >>1640703
Season 5: >>1640706
Season 6: >>1648882
Season 7: You Are Here and >>1574351
Season 8: >>1737149, >>1829045 and >>1906369
Movie: >>1837742
safe (1427336)screencap (174312)apple bloom (43549)applejack (147617)big macintosh (25207)bright mac (960)clarity cut (30)daring do (5678)dave the intern (24)doctor caballeron (576)maud pie (11049)pear butter (2011)pharynx (652)pinkie pie (188830)princess celestia (83555)princess flurry heart (5515)princess luna (87924)rainbow dash (203660)rarity (157431)scootaloo (46474)spike (68387)starlight glimmer (37940)sugar belle (2353)sweetie belle (43780)twilight sparkle (260072)alicorn (163099)changeling (32319)dragon (37560)earth pony (147782)pegasus (187545)pony (694988)unicorn (202630)a flurry of emotions (1119)all bottled up (1179)a royal problem (1957)campfire tales (690)celestial advice (1005)daring done? (881)fame and misfortune (879)forever filly (496)hard to say anything (720)parental glideance (940)rock solid friendship (1108)season 7 (317)the perfect pear (1276)to change a changeling (671)angry (19965)animated (84635)awkward (805)bedroom eyes (44313)bipedal (26980)bipedal leaning (1267)boop (6184)boop compilation (13)brightbutter (640)clothes (355114)compilation (468)cute (148191)cutie mark (33851)cutie mark crusaders (16227)drinking (2574)eye closed (48)eye contact (5679)female (758553)filly (50400)floppy ears (41251)flying (29852)frown (19571)gif (23917)glare (7564)glowing eyes (8477)grin (27982)gritted teeth (9129)hat (64613)hoof hold (5919)hug (22590):i (1249)jar (734)leaning (2736)lidded eyes (18616)looking at each other (12516)looking away (2833)male (257429)mare (334366)milkshake (1250)noseboop (2301)nose wrinkle (2623)nuzzling (3339)personal space invasion (492)pointing (3172)poking (520)pouting (1648)raised eyebrow (5373)sad (20562)saddle bag (4382)scrunchy face (6315)shipping (164151)smiling (182861)smirk (9233)spaghetti scene (78)squee (1799)stallion (72809)straight (109282)sugarmac (566)supercut (53)surprised (6807)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (101823)uniform (7638)wall of tags (1773)wide eyes (14271)winghug (2339)wonderbolts uniform (4892)

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It’s weird how noseboops happen ALL the time in this show, but when a canon couple does it, the show makes it seem like a pony’s way of kissing. You can even see in this same gif that a romantic gesture with Sugarmac and Brightbutter can be done with FAMILY MEMBERS and even a BABY.
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Crimson Prose
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Gore Fics For Fun
So nose-booping someone you like makes you blush, but just randomly nose-booping a friend or even stranger is still completely acceptable.
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Rainboom Dash
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and it’s lossless compression, too :3

Really though, webms are waaaaay better… idk why ’gifs’ are still a thing

Do you use GIMP or something to optimize the gif? That could be part of the reason the file size drops so much when uploading to Derpibooru… idk, maybe
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I have to say, I’m really impressed by the compression this site uses. The GIF as I originally made it was just about 25 MB, and now it’s only about 15.

On topic, I’m curious to see how many more hoops we’ll have in the rest of the season.
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