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*After a few days* 
Braeburn: *looks at Apple Jack* So you're really going back to ponyville?
Apple Jack: Yep, I stayed here longer than I expected, Big mac will be tired at the farm
Braeburn: *sad face* Okay...
Apple Jack: Anyways, what would you be doing?
Braeburn: We're going to go in Manehatten to meet them, and find if it's really true
Apple Jack: That's great I guess we will be together if it's true...
Braeburn: But what if its not truee...
Apple Jack: *Smiles* Then we're still going to be together...
Braeburn: That's my mare...
*The train comes*
Apple Jack: I'll send a letter every week, and sometime  go back in here Sugarcube.
Braeburn: Me too, After we go to Manehatten I'll be visiting there... *takes off his hat*
Apple Jack: *takes off her hat as well* See you next time Sugarcube... *kisses his cheek*
Braeburn: See you too! 
Apple Jack: *walks to the train*
Braeburn: Wait just a minute Apple Jack!


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