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I haven't forgotten the tarot series, no worries! I just needed to do something else for a brief moment. So here is the female Kirin for the Wasteland Ventures' alternate race guide, Wanderer's Files.

I keep thinking she looks like Alien's Ripley… so… what should I call her?
safe1640537 artist:sourcherry352 oc643792 oc only427203 unnamed oc1700 kirin7773 nirik368 fallout equestria16205 armor22719 clothes436118 cloven hooves9403 fallout3283 female1306155 fire10794 hooves17191 horn55991 kirin oc1187 leonine tail7777 long mane3149 mane1656 mane of fire1312 pipboy473 pipbuck3391 scales1040 solo1020892 vault suit3323 wasteland ventures32


not provided yet


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Lets be honest here. Kirins may be well suited for post-apocalipse wasteland enviroment.

Dragon scales provide extra protection from damage, they can still levitate and grow up food with their magic, and most importantly, they are resistant and can control powers of fire when enraged. In a world where survibility adaptations are most important, this race seems well adapted.