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Meet Akuma :3

Akuma is a demon pony, who has been summoned as part of a spell by Arcane Shadow. It was a test to see if she can bring through ponies from other worlds thanks to dark magic.

Akuma is sort of like an assistant to Shadow. Helping her with her spells and tasks. Shadow see's her and Akuma as being best friends, but Akuma is having none of it X)

Very deadpan and snarky. She also has taken a liking to edgy and goth clothing XD
safe1689622 artist:kookiebeatz31 oc674074 oc only442721 oc:akuma (ice1517)4 demon2865 demon pony1276 black sclera2039 blank flank7507 boots21420 choker11718 clothes453376 colored sclera683 cross738 cut726 ear piercing25657 earring20699 edgy1578 edgy as fuck54 female1347550 goth2132 jewelry61976 mare472754 nose piercing2651 nose ring2109 piercing40298 scar11798 shirt24401 shoes35636 simple background387658 solo1052617 spiked choker1562 t-shirt4330 tattoo5464 transparent background199926 white eyes464


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