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>when your annoying extroverted sister forces you to participate in a group photo with hundreds of other ponies

Must suck when you’re shy and just wanna stay home, but at the last second, she drags you out as she wants to make friends and show off. :v She owes you big time for forcing you out of your comfort zone like that.

I forwent their shirt designs so they’re not impossibly annoying detailed, that and I was too lazy to make the designs work at this angle. I think stripes are fine. Either way, you won’t see beyond their heads in the collab. :v

Bonus last-second entry because Joey wanted more ponies. Yes they’re both my OCs, but shut up, I made vectors for other people it’s fine. :V Plus I had an idea for last-minute ponies running into the group to get a picture taken, and I like these two. I’ll probably find and nitpick mistakes at some point.
safe (1429402)artist:lightningbolt (671)derpibooru exclusive (20323)oc (525250)oc:emo lad (12)oc only (364257)oc:scene chick (12)earth pony (148319)pony (698174)2019 community collab (830)derpibooru community collaboration (1671)ankle bracelet (78)arm warmers (362)blushing (153826)brother and sister (2787)clandestine industries (105)clothes (355758)covering face (91)duo (39146)dyed mane (203)dyed tail (44)ear piercing (16886)earring (14349)emo (629)eyeliner (724)female (760199)fingerless gloves (3323)floppy ears (41325)gloves (14297)grin (28047)hair over one eye (6916)hood (949)hoodie (10290)hug (22644)jewelry (39079)lidded eyes (18692)looking at you (120505)looking away (2838)makeup (14090)male (258046)mare (335359)necklace (12278)nose piercing (1711)piercing (28396)scene (117)shirt (17185)shy (2994)simple background (290856)sitting (46098)smiling (183221)snake bites (146)socks (49141)stallion (73003)striped socks (16623)stripes (765)svg (2924).svg available (6762)transparent background (151878)t-shirt (2704)vector (66595)

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