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safe (1341157)artist:kaijojomlpmasa (21)tempest shadow (7698)twilight sparkle (245671)my little pony: the movie (15235)alicorn (146234)blushing (142515)female (680832)japanese (6828)lesbian (74449)mare (296326)one eye closed (17943)pony (607527)question mark (3153)shipping (151156)simple background (268115)sweat (18372)tempestlight (716)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (93815)white background (65779)


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Goddess Erosia
please call me mom~<3
okay okay okay this is absolutely WACKED but I shit you not I thought this was English in the thumbnail and I was like wtf because it looked like the text said "peanut slut" and I was like wtf even is that and I click and I see Japanese and I’m even more confused and I’m wondering why the fuck that’s what I thought it said


I SHIT YOU NOT I thought it said "PEANUT SLUT" and I really don’t know why I thought that, that’s why I moved in to see what it actually said
Background Pony #D929
@Background Pony #10CA
Mochimochi is an adjective meaning "springy", I’ve also seen it translated as squishy hence the comment below.

Though the sentence’s condensed, it’s just a kind of "she enjoys the feeling of it" message
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