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safe (1504135) artist:masa_0006 (32) tempest shadow (13826) twilight sparkle (272636) alicorn (179821) pony (781123) my little pony: the movie (17186) blushing (164925) female (828323) japanese (7429) lesbian (87535) mare (376292) one eye closed (22771) question mark (3801) shipping (174754) simple background (317029) sweat (21218) tempestlight (2564) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (109171) white background (79252)


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Goddess Erosia

please call me mom~<3
okay okay okay this is absolutely WACKED but I shit you not I thought this was English in the thumbnail and I was like wtf because it looked like the text said "peanut slut" and I was like wtf even is that and I click and I see Japanese and I'm even more confused and I'm wondering why the fuck that's what I thought it said


I SHIT YOU NOT I thought it said "PEANUT SLUT" and I really don't know why I thought that, that's why I moved in to see what it actually said
Background Pony #7722
@Background Pony #10CA
Mochimochi is an adjective meaning "springy", I've also seen it translated as squishy hence the comment below.

Though the sentence's condensed, it's just a kind of "she enjoys the feeling of it" message
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Background Pony #A40E
Kinda makes me wonder what she is saying. My guess, "Should I kiss her Anon?"
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