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safe (1426432)artist:jenasu (12)applejack (g1) (557)spike (68300)twilight sparkle (259896)pony (694377)unicorn (202347)black and white (9656)bow (19279)g1 (13189)g4 to g1 (156)generation leap (5131)grayscale (31212)monochrome (134319)question mark (3529)spell gone wrong (253)tail bow (3846)unicorn twilight (7894)


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when she felt her wings unfold
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Goodbye Ponk Pie Hat
There’s nothing to fix here! I prefer the G1 design sometimes okay

Applejack would surely be accepted by her family once her connection was established. Okay, so she’d find Rarity’s detailed attention to her hindquarters a little unnerving at first, but becoming the poster mare for an Equestria-wide fashion rediscovery of the everyday buttbow would more than make up for it!
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