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Commission for Ferrous on FiMFiction of his crossover story, 'Final Frontiers'.

You can read it herewarning, it does contain mature content!


I've honestly, been trying to streamline these commission descriptions, just so they don't get too crowded, but I just have so much to say about this art series. I've only read a few chapters in myself, bc everything gets to be so busy and I'm not the best Star Wars lore understanderer lol, but with how creative Ferrous is and how much fun we have creating these commissions together I'm always super excited to get to work with him to create work like this.

And I gotta say, from where I began to where I am now, just from looking back at the series art I've done in the past, it's nice to see that I really have been improving. It's a great feeling to notice that and I hope ya'll enjoy what I've made here too!

Thank you~
safe1598939 artist:curiouskeys134 lyra heartstrings28222 nightmare moon15997 twilight sparkle285890 oc615846 alicorn202337 griffon24731 human145151 alternate costumes1471 alternate universe9689 crossover58693 eyepatch2757 fanfic10201 fanfic art13265 fanfic cover1167 lightsaber850 star wars3012 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117194 weapon27972


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