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safe1945437 artist:mirroredsea586 applejack186325 fluttershy235740 pinkie pie236635 rainbow dash257139 rarity201173 twilight sparkle330015 alicorn269665 earth pony350418 pegasus394796 pony1295194 unicorn433559 bust65762 cute231830 dashabetes10804 diapinkes11420 eye clipping through hair10580 female1578795 group5121 jackabetes7063 looking at you212225 mane six35017 mare603689 no pupils5033 one eye closed39100 open mouth193020 portrait36750 raribetes6258 shyabetes16664 smiling323375 twiabetes13655 wink29167


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Blender 3D Animator
The comments here really went off the rails for a beautiful illustration such as this. Whelp.
To actually comment on the image itself, I think this is a great representation of mirroredsea’s style on our Mane 6 cast. It look gorgeous, as it always is from mirroredea. If he ever puts some of his works on prints, posters, etc, I’m for sure going to try to get my hands on as much as I can. I can only hope he’ll set something like that up someday, he’s definitely one of my favorite artists in the fandom, and I’d love to support his work.
Background Pony #F2B6
Drama, drama, blah, bhlah, blah - just enjoy this wonderful picture on be on your merry way, please.
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Looking For My Doctor
@Background Pony #F1A8  
This site is full of people who love the Mane 6, and who have loved them for years. Some of us volunteer many hours a week to help spread the joy and love of the show, and to help people express their love of the Mane 6, like in this image.
Almost no-one here is boycotting the show, and there’s at most a handful of people who are “crusading” against the show or the Mane 6.
Beyond that, some of us are friends with the staff and voice actors on the show, like - grew up in the same town kinds of friends. So threatening to tell show staff about us isn’t really a threat, because I’ve talked with some of the show staff, and they never mentioned you.
You really are fighting against something that doesn’t exist here. But by being so consistently mean to others you are upsetting a lot of people who are here to enjoy and love the show.
So I hope you will stop. Look around. And consider that maybe you are angry at the wrong people. And maybe you are wrong when you claim that an artist who LOVES the Mane 6 so much they make such beautiful images as this somehow secretly hates them, or hates the show.
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@Background Pony #F1A8
Homie, you’re even worse than me when it comes to being paranoid and seeing conspiracies that don’t exist. And i frequently catch myself thinking that the president and the whole population of a state and other certain cities are all out to kill me, for instance. Check yourself.