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Background Pony #5057
@Background Pony #22BB
And they can both be manipulative enough to bend ponies to their will ( as in the case of guilt tripping Dash into not joining the Cloudsdale team in that one episode) so yeah, they’re practically two peas in a pod.
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Background Pony #22BB
@Background Pony #5057
Funny coincidence… Twilight also brainwashed a town to avoid missing an imagined due date on friendship lessons. Apparently if you present a unicorn who knows mind control magic with a due date they will make zombies out of ponies.
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Background Pony #22BB
In fairness, Celestia was put in charge of government after both she and Luna were declared princesses. So yes, she is the law, but not the source thereof.
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@Background Pony #22BB
yes but it comes with the tittle because celestia said it did.
she wrote that law, likely to ensure her sister would not be fucked over on her return but then 2 more alicorns showed up, then a third was born

and as to flurry, shes a natural alicorn born from one already ascendent
basicly she inherited her mothers magic
so she didnt need to do anything special for it…other then be a convinent plot device.
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Background Pony #032B
It was the only resurrection spell that would work on the little pile of ashes that Twilight left behind. Celestia had to use the powerful, Celestia’s-use-only, private stock stuff. The rest was Celly covering up her mistake with a parade in the astral realm and giving T a duchess title in the boonies.
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