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safe1615252 artist:tjpones3391 starlight glimmer45620 twilight sparkle288262 alicorn205985 pony882930 unicorn285092 burger1705 duo52810 female1285848 food64264 french fries517 hay fries97 mare439333 monochrome144811 soda1465 that pony sure does love burgers204 twilight burgkle488 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118360


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Background Pony #3561
@Background Pony #22BB
And they can both be manipulative enough to bend ponies to their will ( as in the case of guilt tripping Dash into not joining the Cloudsdale team in that one episode) so yeah, they're practically two peas in a pod.
Background Pony #9625
@Background Pony #5057
Funny coincidence… Twilight also brainwashed a town to avoid missing an imagined due date on friendship lessons. Apparently if you present a unicorn who knows mind control magic with a due date they will make zombies out of ponies.
Background Pony #3561
To be fair Twilight had brainwashed ponyville just to avoid missing an imaginary due date on her friendship lessons.
Background Pony #9625
In fairness, Celestia was put in charge of government after both she and Luna were declared princesses. So yes, she is the law, but not the source thereof.
Beta Upgrade

@Background Pony #22BB
yes but it comes with the tittle because celestia said it did.
she wrote that law, likely to ensure her sister would not be fucked over on her return but then 2 more alicorns showed up, then a third was born

and as to flurry, shes a natural alicorn born from one already ascendent
basicly she inherited her mothers magic
so she didnt need to do anything special for it…other then be a convinent plot device.
Background Pony #47DB
It was the only resurrection spell that would work on the little pile of ashes that Twilight left behind. Celestia had to use the powerful, Celestia's-use-only, private stock stuff. The rest was Celly covering up her mistake with a parade in the astral realm and giving T a duchess title in the boonies.

Yes, the "in Equestria" part is the barely-there wording loophole I mentioned. It's pretty obviously not what Haber was trying to go for with that scene even if you can rules lawyer the wording to keep the other way technically possible.

@Background Pony #22BB
Regardless of what Haber went by when writing The Crystalling, he still put that info into the medium that has priority with canon events, and thus that sentence overrides what side material says. Regardless, that's minor compared to what Shadow Play did.

Shadow Play contradicts the Journal in two concrete ways.

First, the Tree of Harmony was fully grown and completely mysterious already in the Journal, but Shadow Play establishes that when Starswirl left (which was after the events of the book) it was still just a newly planted seed which either hadn't sprouted yet or was extremely tiny.

Second, the Journal establishes that Celestia and Luna were young adults or late teenagers when Starswirl was still around (by normal pony standards at least, since they were stated to have been aging slower than normal ponies and didn't have their cutie marks yet), fully capable of dealing with danger and taking care of themselves, but Shadow Play says that they were "too young" to help with things like the Pony of Shadows when Starswirl left. Plus, the conversation at the end was worded as if they were still little fillies when he left, not the older students they were portrayed as in the book.

The second point isn't quite as dealbreaking as the first one (especially since it also contradicts Twilight's Kingdom), but the first one alone is a pretty gigantic plot hole if the Journal is still to be taken as canon.

It's definitely not absolute proof, since plot holes do come with all long running stories, but I think it's enough to make it dubious to take things in the Journal as absolute fact.