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The fall of Cozy Glow

#Starlight you are the new Cadence
safe1617344 idw14667 cozy glow6730 princess celestia91251 starlight glimmer45686 sunset shimmer58974 twilight sparkle288523 alicorn206439 human146634 pony885079 equestria girls187856 school raze2239 book31542 comics243 comparison4144 cozy glow is not amused436 foal15117 magic mirror518 official comic2458 royal guard7163 the fall of sunset shimmer6 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118472


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Background Pony #580C
I GET that twilights actions as a princess are kinda analogous to her teacher now, but that doesn’t mean all the shitshit that happened to Celestia needs to happen again, to Twilight, with different ponies.