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safe1617349 screencap211005 sunset shimmer58974 equestria girls187856 equestria girls series30304 unsolved selfie mysteries313 adorasexy8907 beach13754 belly button71323 bikini16782 clothes426735 cropped46759 curvy6131 cute186570 diving goggles122 female1287487 goggles13377 midriff18525 sexy26678 sleeveless3642 snorkel433 solo1004957 swimsuit26254


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36 comments posted
Background Pony #2CEE
NOOOOOOOOOO! I was so hoping there'd be shorts under there. Not a fan of bikinis… But, they have to please the majority of the fans, and this is "fanservice" to them even if it's the opposite to me.
Background Pony #EF73
Hallelujah motherfuckers! She looks sexy and gorgeous without that skirt now.