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safe (1459001)artist:the-butch-x (1256)sweetie belle (44605)android (495)robot (6242)equestria girls (163812)artificial intelligence (145)circuit (20)clothes (366133)commission (42277)cyberpunk (858)dress (35898)female (786080)glowing eyes (8767)gynoid (111)high res (17766)long hair (2899)photo (67428)shirt (17820)smiling (188565)solo (894634)stare (1213)sweetie bot (1239)young (1205)


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Background Pony #97E0
Sweetie bell: My new live as a teenge robot! my heart is 75% machine. my brain is 10% machine …i am 99% machine, thanks of this bio terroriste attack, befor the attack i use to be normal human and i am be close of become a idol.. my dream a now ruined! i am the only survivore of the attack! 99999/100000 a be kill by this bio bomb! lucky my sister , family and my friends a not be here on the day of the attack…my idol Sapphire shores a be kill,….is thanks of twilight sparkle i am live…if say this way! not everyone like robot, but thanks my friends still love me and my family too! i am equipe with magical weapon and high tec weapon all create by twilight, is rarity who a let twilight do this to save me! people from sciense want learn on me and put me on lap but i am lucky i can go in school but is agent of the FBI and this sci guy watch me everytime, i hate it! i get it for the FBI agent but this SCI-Guy is can a creepy the way watch me! is me or he a perver? sometime i fight all bio weapon monster be evil guys who we dont know and want and why! is me who stop them and i will make them pay for ruin my live! the army want to use me as weapon agains other nation but i fight those who can’t protect them self agains those Bio weapon monsters or BWM in short! is only me or my sister and her friends to fight those BWM! Princess Twilight give help too! out side the battle, i live a normal live for a robot girl like me….yay normal!
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Background Pony #872B
@Prometheus labs CEO

That’s the storyline to a fan comic by that artist. Powerpuff Girls D

I was surprised the other day when I noticed that he has still been making those comics like 14 years later. And from a quick glance in the archives, it seems he has had multiple updates every month for that amount of time.
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Prometheus labs CEO
Wallet After Summer Sale

Well the real sweetie belle died rarity just couldn’t go on, so she did what any sane Normal person would do. She built a sentient robot that looks and acts just like her sister so she can pretend she’s still alive
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