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safe1613256 edit122883 edited screencap59170 screencap210507 applejack162378 discord29441 fluttershy202746 pinkie pie207220 princess cadance31013 princess flurry heart6618 rainbow dash223786 rarity173518 shining armor22046 spike75644 thorax4067 twilight sparkle287931 alicorn205540 changeling42831 draconequus9815 dragon50747 earth pony215162 pegasus256464 pony880899 unicorn284284 winterchilla107 best gift ever2246 equestria games (episode)733 the times they are a changeling888 a changeling can change24 armchair223 baby9875 bikini16691 bikini bottom897 clothes424879 cloudsdale anthem7 diaper12624 equestria games433 female1283827 food64103 guitar4560 i'm not gifted at gifting2 it's a pony kind of christmas44 jolly ol saint nicholas2 jolly ol saint nick2 male342937 meme79553 musical instrument8574 patrick star298 pineapple395 playing guitar36 pudding300 refrigerator486 rock-a-bye bivalve25 singing5960 song939 spongebob squarepants2756 swimsuit26169 television2255 the true gift of gifting18 window7685 winged spike7816 winterzilla73


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As said, yeah, due to equestria games making a total buttmonkey out of spike, there was arguing over the idea of spike being outright unable to sing. Along comes an xmas album but it's not a song from the show.

Spike finally did get to sing on the show proper with "A changeling can change", and while most people agreed it was good, it still got some ho-hum.

Finally on Best Gift Ever, out of the frigging blue, Spike serenades Rarity with one heck of a sweet song about how he regrets being unable to get her a proper gift and just hoping he didn't ruin her holiday.
Background Pony #AB24
Spongebob: Brony

Patrick: Person who hasn’t seen any of MLP Season 6 or later.
Background Pony #7359
Spike can sing.

Spike can play multiple musical instruments (guitar, drums, piano, pan flute.)

Spike can cook.

Spike is an excellent listener.

Spike can lift objects many times his own weight.

Spike has been shown to be retrospective and self-critical and has the willingness to grow from his observed errors.

Spike is a concerned and loving individual.

Spike is awesome.
Background Pony #6926
Yes, because the only impression you could have possibly drawn from my comment is a polarized extreme… Because that's not what I was talking about at all.

I'm going to go ahead and unfollow this comment thread. I have seen the end and we both will be left unsatisfied and angrier than before we started.
Background Pony #6926
Spending all that time on the internet really makes you forget a lot and lose perspective.

You're getting angry at a TV show for little girls.