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safe1552972 artist:徐詩珮7980 applejack157081 autumn blaze3188 oc592414 oc:apple sehht2 hybrid14700 my little pony: the movie17515 sounds of silence3223 autumnjack131 family3945 female877394 interspecies offspring6174 lesbian90794 magical lesbian spawn10271 mother and daughter4874 next generation5903 offspring33398 parent:applejack3182 parent:autumn blaze137 parents:autumnjack31 shipping180900


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Background Pony #6B20
Is this for applejack x atumn blaze? If so, I find this funny because if you reverse, the sounds of silence, listen closely when she says “you can’t give up” in reverse, and it kind of sounds like “we have a baby.” 😂😂😂
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