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Thank you Cyan so, so much for working on the vector of my submission, without you I wouldn’t have been able to have at time nothing.

safe (1430620)artist:aureai (107)artist:cyanlightning (871)oc (525876)oc:aureai (49)oc:azure lightning (17)oc:mulberry leaves (4)oc only (364513)pegasus (188451)pony (699254)2019 community collab (830)derpibooru community collaboration (1671)absurd resolution (61383)blushing (154018)bow (19436)chest fluff (25807)clothes (356144)cute (148866)ear fluff (17867)female (761261)flower (18428)flower in hair (5343)folded wings (3209)happy (23894)hoof fluff (631)hoof hold (5950)lidded eyes (18741)mare (335965)ocbetes (3320)plushie (19738)raised eyebrow (5390)raised hoof (32128)rose (3023)scarf (17488)simple background (291186)sitting (46178)smiling (183488)solo (876968).svg available (6770)tail bow (3855)transparent background (152032)vector (66667)wings (53216)


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I love that the two of you collaborated on this picture together. It’s nice to see friends make art with each other, especially when the end result looks really nice like this picture.
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