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Yona came out for SFM!

I got the idea from this comic meme:
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Biker Dash
The Biker
@Background Pony #3BE9
Wait… Are you telling me that a lot of people dislike the guy just because he does NOT hate transgender people? That hate must be coming from the WAY far-right religious groups or something… and then, those same groups would hate him just because he "dared to defy The Holy Creationalism".

I suspect that you may be misinterpreting my meaning. I definitely do not hate Bill Nye. I do know that he is very intelligent, is a mechanical engineer, and that he does a damn good job of promoting science, but also instilling a love for learning science in our youth. (The inventing a part for the 747 is news to me, but not surprising news.) That being said, I have never seen any evidence at all that he is a scientist, like so many seem to believe. While he does promote many good things, he does on occasion get things wrong. That is to be expected. He does research the topics he discusses on his shows, and seems to do his research well. But all of that does not make him a scientist.

As for my snarkiness in my original comment, it was in representation of how 99.7% of us in the US (cannot comment on what percentage it may be throughout the rest or the world) seem to think that just because someone prominently says something, they must be the Word of God on that topic. My ire is not towards Bill Nye, but towards all those who see the names of two of his shows, (Bill Ny, the Science Guy and Bill Nye Saves the World) and suddenly believes the man is the ALMIGHTY GOD OF SCIENCE THAT WILL SAVE THE UNIVERSE! Let’s start recognizing him for what he is; simply a very smart man with some really good lessons.
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Downvote Addict
That’s not what I expected the inspiration to be, given that I’ve seen this joke almost identically several times before. The inspiration image is certainly less offensive than those though.
Also those are some REALLY nice models. I’ve not seen them get used before. Or not much before.

@Biker Dash
The guy invented something that is used on 747 boeing aircrafts. He’s a legitamate inventor even if that upsets you to know. He has faught against Creationism and done a fantastic job letting children know that science is cool.
He’s a man that stands above many in his accomplishments. It’s okay to not like him, but do you really need to lie about him to feel better about yourself?
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Biker Dash
The Biker
Bill Nye…
The guy partially read three issues of Discover Magazine and once picked up a copy of Scientific American to see if it had pretty pictures… and suddenly, everyone thinks the guy is a scientist.
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