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Apple Jack: *sleeps comfortably in Braeburns hoofs*
Braeburn: *sleeping as well*
Pinova: *knocks* Brae! Apple Jack! Get up already! *started turning the knob*
Braeburn: *wakes up and saw the handle moving, stand up and shouted* Yes mom! We-we're gettin' up! *looks at Apple Jack and wakes her up* Hey, Apple Jack
Apple Jack: *wakes up and looks at him smiling* Good mornin' Brae *stands up*
Pinova: Breakfast is ready! *goes to the kitchen*
Braeburn: *pulls her closer to him and whispers*  Good mornin' dear Apple Jack *kisses her in the muzzle while blushing*
Apple Jack: *blushes, smiles and whispers* Good morning again Sugar cube
Braeburn: Let's go outside *looks at her eyes*
Apple Jack: *nods and goes outside*
Braeburn: *follows her*
Elstar: *looks at Braeburn and Apple Jack*Good morning to the both of you
Pinova: *smiles* My, my, Both of you look so... *thinks* Happy, Why?
Braeburn: Well we're both excited for tommorow (lied ) 
*after eating*
Apple Jack: *looks at Braeburn* What are we goin' to do next Couz??
Braebrun; *laughs* We're going to practice again...
Apple Jack: *smiles* With the our other team mate?
Breaburn: uhh I don't know about that... Mom, dad, we're going out okay?
Pinova: Sure thing sweetie, See ya!
Elstar: *smiles* See you my boy and Apple Jack!
Apple Jack: See ya! *closes the door*
Pinova and Elstar: *looks at each other*
Elstar: There's something strange going on with those two
Pinova: *nods* Anyways, are going to believe that letter *pointed the letter they received yesterday*
Elstar; I don't know hun, But we're going to say it to Braeburn... When they get home...
Pinova: *sad* Okay, I know after this... It will be different.
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