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safe1679795 artist:ladychimaera54 angel bunny9753 applejack167764 discord30489 fluttershy209919 pinkie pie213680 rainbow dash231044 rarity179446 spike77952 starlight glimmer47889 twilight sparkle297118 alicorn219359 draconequus11091 dragon54650 earth pony238863 pegasus281627 pony942078 rabbit5147 unicorn312280 blanket5207 book32904 chocolate3317 christmas13959 christmas ball23 christmas tree4133 clothes449977 cozy194 cute195803 dashabetes9012 diapinkes9632 drink4745 eyes closed90392 female1339070 fireplace2717 food68418 glimmerbetes3778 hearth's warming eve1296 holiday19952 hot chocolate1233 jackabetes5817 male363698 mane seven6417 mane six31520 mare467941 mug4142 open mouth140588 ornament374 ornaments121 pillow17493 raribetes5267 scarf22870 shyabetes13383 signature23456 sleeping23106 socks64859 spikabetes1988 stockings31871 striped socks21062 thigh highs35094 tree31454 twiabetes11511 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122316 twilight's castle3775 warm122 watermark15692 winged spike8226 wreath896 yawn1370


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Background Pony #FDB0
@Background Pony #92E9
I dont think its a RariJack shipping, or you may as well add Discoshy into the tagline. Both are pretty much depending on interpretation. What we really have here is just Mane6 with GLimmer and Spike and Discord in a group photo.
Background Pony #9E5E
Judging by the tag, this is just straight shipping, not just some pose for a group pic.

(Sees Spike's slightly pained expression sitting next to them. )
Yep. Its shipping.