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safe1784709 artist:ladychimaera54 angel bunny10099 applejack175698 discord32327 fluttershy220369 pinkie pie222989 rainbow dash241640 rarity188311 spike81576 starlight glimmer50555 twilight sparkle310222 alicorn238932 draconequus13467 dragon60446 earth pony280629 pegasus322795 pony1084730 rabbit5787 unicorn356827 blanket5643 book35283 chocolate3499 christmas14369 christmas ball28 christmas tree4242 clothes488492 cozy208 cute210019 dashabetes9819 diapinkes10453 drink5164 eyes closed101494 female1433405 fireplace2860 food75045 glimmerbetes3955 hearth's warming eve1320 holiday21996 hot chocolate1289 jackabetes6398 male399478 mane seven6750 mane six32983 mare518620 mug4551 open mouth161395 ornament388 ornaments125 pillow19205 raribetes5758 scarf24459 shyabetes14849 signature28038 sleeping24313 socks70343 spikabetes2134 stockings35322 striped socks22413 thigh highs39571 tree34661 twiabetes12470 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127928 twilight's castle4179 warm133 watermark17398 winged spike8694 wings130758 wreath931 yawn1453


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Background Pony #FDB0
@Background Pony #92E9  
I dont think its a RariJack shipping, or you may as well add Discoshy into the tagline. Both are pretty much depending on interpretation. What we really have here is just Mane6 with GLimmer and Spike and Discord in a group photo.
Background Pony #9E5E
Judging by the tag, this is just straight shipping, not just some pose for a group pic.
(Sees Spike’s slightly pained expression sitting next to them. )  
Yep. Its shipping.