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Update to include some from "Tanks for the Memories", "Rarity Investigates!", and "Crusaders of the Lost Mark". Trying to keep it under 25 MB was a challenge.

Season 1: >>1654878
Season 2: >>1644602
Season 3: >>1640702
Season 4: >>1640703
Season 5: You Are Here
Season 6: >>1648882
Season 7: >>1529347 and >>1574351
Season 8: >>1737149, >>1829045 and >>1906369
Movie: >>1837742
safe (1428891)screencap (174678)apple bloom (43609)applejack (147799)big daddy mccolt (71)big macintosh (25227)bon bon (14647)cherry jubilee (932)derpy hooves (45887)diamond tiara (9048)doctor whooves (9527)fluttershy (184114)granny smith (4621)gummy (4587)gunter (griffon) (15)lemon hearts (1727)limestone pie (4333)lyra heartstrings (26096)ma hooffield (54)misty fly (430)pinkie pie (189015)rainbow dash (203893)rarity (157607)shining armor (20096)silver spoon (5816)spike (68524)spitfire (12010)sweetie drops (14636)tank (2444)time turner (9517)twilight sparkle (260409)alicorn (163457)dragon (37696)griffon (21360)pony (697718)crusaders of the lost mark (1525)hearthbreakers (1056)made in manehattan (591)party pooped (688)rarity investigates (1035)scare master (822)season 5 (569)slice of life (episode) (1540)tanks for the memories (1327)the hooffields and mccolts (505)the lost treasure of griffonstone (1019)the mane attraction (1056)the one where pinkie pie knows (723)what about discord? (597)animated (84746)boop (6191)boop compilation (15)compilation (483)gif (23971)hooffield family (114)male (257905)mane six (26455)mccolt family (165)noseboop (2303)personal space invasion (493)supercut (65)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (102038)

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Some of these ponies need to be surprised with a deep kiss when they get this up close~
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