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TrixieShy~ 🌺🌺🌺
safe (1426626)artist:nemovonsilver (117)fluttershy (183836)trixie (55978)classical unicorn (3448)pegasus (187342)pony (694509)unicorn (202418)cloven hooves (7278)colored wings (4132)colored wingtips (1345)dappled (310)ear tufts (248)eyes closed (67807)female (758137)flower (18348)flower in hair (5313)flying (29806)freckles (20471)glomp (374)grin (27960)happy (23793)hug (22579)leonine tail (5840)lesbian (81666)lidded eyes (18600)mare (334144)one eye closed (20313)ponytail (13137)shipping (164104)simple background (290168)smiling (182762)socks (coat marking) (1215)spread wings (40884)tail feathers (662)tail fluff (76)transparent background (151554)trixieshy (150)unshorn fetlocks (18585)wings (52740)wink (18634)


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