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safe1750223 artist:evehly859 princess celestia96753 princess luna100781 alicorn232855 anthro269544 unguligrade anthro50247 adorasexy10134 all i want for christmas is you7 animated100812 annoyed5598 arm boob squeeze257 big breasts86007 breasts288658 busty princess celestia10591 busty princess luna7233 caption22057 chair7107 christmas14154 christmas ornament231 cleavage35634 clothes475908 costume28563 crossed arms5348 cute205665 cutelestia3670 dancing8570 decoration598 duo64712 elf costume60 evening gloves8643 female1401673 folding chair18 gif32126 gif with captions349 gloves20954 hat90321 holiday20431 kneesocks1130 long gloves6164 looking at you175650 luna is not amused480 mare502072 mariah carey16 music2968 ornament383 pouting2019 present6099 radio562 royal sisters4600 santa costume1525 santa hat6129 sexy30695 siblings9494 sillestia307 silly7545 singing6546 sisters9335 sitting65581 socks68554 striped socks21941 unamused16751 zettai ryouiki1932


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