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Mmm, after a long day, what better to do than snuggle up with a soft, puffy belly in bed, all relaxed and content with somepony you care about quite a bit?~

Octavia and Vinyl understand that quite well~

A lil’ somethin’ cute for the 365th pic I’ve drawn in 2018. See you lads next year~
suggestive (111568)artist:the-furry-railfan (758)dj pon-3 (26564)octavia melody (20820)vinyl scratch (30658)bed (30563)belly (20165)belly button (58924)big belly (5899)blanket (3981)cute (145415)earth pony (143661)impossibly large belly (7497)inflation (7080)lying down (7715)pillow (12600)pony (677933)sleeping (19034)snuggling (6097)squishy (1759)treblebutt (508)unicorn (197629)


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I normally don’t like these kinds of photos but this one I like now granted vinyl and tavi are a big part of that reason but still nice work hear
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