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Happy Hearth's Warming everypony!

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safe1704138 artist:plainoasis240 applejack169695 earth pony247881 pony965412 applejack's hat7289 beautiful5563 cowboy hat15804 featured image876 female1360968 fence2863 hat86638 hearth's warming861 house2263 mare479450 mountain5103 mountain range593 painting3590 ponyville5830 road859 scenery8013 scenery porn844 sign3967 snow13768 solo1062548 tree32184 walking4757 windmill329 winter4457


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Winter isn't cold. I am.
Based on my understanding of the sun, earth, and moon; the moon cannot be illuminated like that at that time of day. The sunlight hitting the moon is coming from way below the horizon, but the blue sky and shadows indicate that it is late morning.
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El retorn de Jan
I wanted to like and fav this, but 300 favs and 400 likes look SO good for this awesome image… Like something's so perfect it must not be touched.

Edit: Oh, well, somebody did the 301th fav/401th like already. Now I can add mine.